Transcendent Boutique and Artisan Gallery

Transcendent Boutique and Artisan Gallery will be filled with stylish, affordable, and quality clothing for all body types and personalities.

Location: 3401 2nd Ave., Sacramento

Boutique Schedule:  Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Times:  1:00 PM to 6:00 PM



LGBQ and Transgender victims of intimate partner violence face unique challenges when seeking help. ACFP’s TAPESTRY program provides emergency housing, legal advocacy, counseling, and other services through an all-LGBQ and Transgender staff that reflects the community it seeks to serve. The unique LGBQ and Transgender intimate partner violence program will be housed at the Transcendent Boutique and Art Gallery (at another scheduled time) for services. 

Services Schedule:  TBD

Location: 3401 2nd Ave., Sacramento

To Connect  and learn all about these great community resources, you can email Laura at

Did you realize LGBTQ+ people have higher rates of intimate partner violence and sexual assault than heterosexual, cisgender folks?

Yet they encounter multiple layers of barriers on top of those already experienced by anyone going through trauma from within their home or romantic relationships. Domestic violence is an extremely complicated reality for far too many people, and many times the resources and services available are sparse and layered with additional barriers.
Well, Sacramento now has the first ever Queer Focused Intimate Partner Violence and Trauma crisis response program that is part of one of the three major Domestic Violence Agencies in the Sacramento region, A Community for Peace has expanded their services to have three great community resources in Oak Park, CA. The Tapestry program is currently setting up an app to help people connect to services and resources in the area and online, access trauma healing education and tools, contact the crisis line, get connected to emergency and transitional housing and more.  For the Transgender community, they are opening a new Transcendent Boutique and Art Gallery to have a safe and beautiful space for transbeings to have an enjoyable place to shop and get beauty assistance that can lead to the confidence to move forward easier, along with learning about and access Tapestry’s crisis assistance services.

A Community for Peace and the Tapestry program are available at ACFP’s North or South Location serving above and below the Capitol of California and bringing services focused on serving black, indigenous, and the full Rainbow of colors and culture that make our Gender and Romantically Diverse community Phenomenal.

To Connect with them and learn all about these great community resources, you can email Eve at