Transitional Housing

A Community for Peace and Foundation For Peaceful Communities are currently searching for a new Transitional Housing locations to replace the Soroptimist House (which was successfully granted to a client that is now fully independent).   STAY TUNED for updates.


What is the purpose of TRANSITIONAL HOUSING?
Standard HOME:  3-4 bedroom, 2.5 bath home that provides a 6 to 18 months of safety and stability for domestic violent and trafficking survivors and their children. 
  • This is the next safe step for survivors and their children…a “home base” where safety, stability, and support can pave the way for peace.
  • Women often flee their abusers to live in cars or motels, enter the shelter, and double up with families or friends.  
  • Survivors are more likely to have problems finding housing because of their unique and urgent circumstances caused by the abuse, i.e. poor credit, rental and employment histories, limited income, lack of education, language barriers, and/or having limited work opportunities.
  • Survivors need a place to call home and get back on their feet and it takes time.
Why is housing so important for families fleeing from Domestic Violence?
  • Women often flee their abusers living in cars, motels, shelters becoming homeless (with their children).
  • Survivors are more likely to have problems finding housing due to many barriers.
  • 84% of homeless children by age 12 have been exposed to at least one serious violent event.
  • 64% of unmet requests are for housing; Emergency shelter and transitional housing continue to be the most urgent unmet needs for domestic violence survivors.