Sacred Space Youth Drop-In Center

Foundation For Peaceful Communities, together with our sister organization, A Community For Peace have created a Sacred Space Youth Drop-In Center for the marginalized youth that is being exploited in Sacramento County.  
The center is a harm reduction project targeting at-risk youth, black, brown and LGBTQ, many foster youths who are often groomed into exploitation. In partnership with Sierra Child and Family Services, Rotary International, Soroptimist International, and the Faith community, the drop-in center will provide a safe, no pressure space, with food, clothing, school supplies, mentoring, peer support in a community center developed with a youth collaborative leading the way.
  • At least 90% of children who end up trafficked come out of domestic violence or family violence.
  • An exploiter can earn as much as $650,000 per year by exploiting as few as FOUR children.
  • California has emerged as a magnet for sex trafficking of children, with 3 of the nation’s 13 largest child prostitution hubs disbursed throughout the state.
  • Trafficked children have often been in foster care or other systems.
  • Schools are often used as recruiting grounds.
  • When trafficked children are recovered, there is often nowhere qualified to house and protect them.
  • Children coming out of sexual exploitation are dealing with complex trauma and multiple layers of services are required to assist them to create a future and hope.