PEACE Projects

People Empowering A Change for Everyone

Foundation for Peaceful Communities invests in people through targeted social renewal projects and enterprises designed to help each individual grow, thrive and contribute to the surrounding community.

Each PEACE Project addresses a specific population and needs with comprehensive programming designed to create the best opportunity for success. Participants are given the support they need while also being trained to stand tall and take personal responsibility for their lives.

Current and planned PEACE Projects offer a range of skills and support to several different populations
  • SACRED SPACE YOUTH DROP-IN CENTER:  Sacred Safe Space Youth Drop-In Center for the marginalized youth that is being exploited in Sacramento CA.  A place to be protected, respected, and loved. Providing an environment of healing, understanding, and safety.
  • RUTHIE’S PLACE:  Youth social justice PurposeWear, created by youth, ran by the youth.  Supporting the Sacred Space Youth Drop-In Center.  Opening in 2019.
  • TRANSCENDENT BOUTIQUE and ARTISAN GALLERY:  High-end boutique and art gallery,  Supporting the Tapestry PEACE Projects.  Opening in  2019.
  • GLOBAL DRUM PROJECT FOR GIRLS:  Creating and delivering drums to girls throughout the world.  Giving girls a voice and letting them know that ‘Their lives are sacred’.
  • TRANSITIONAL HOUSING: A safe, comfortable transitional home for survivors of domestic violence and their children.
  • PERMANENT SUPPORTIVE HOUSING COMMUNITY: Including onsite resources for women, children, and veterans.
  • MENTORING & PARTNERSHIPS: Nurturing tomorrow’s business leaders today through an entrepreneurial and business educational incubator training center.
  • PERFORMING ARTS CENTER: Instilling confidence and freedom through artistic discipline, our performing arts center will be a hub for creativity and self-expression.
The PEACE Projects fill a major gap in our community, offering a new and brighter tomorrow, and the confidence to meet life’s challenges with strength and grace.

Find out how to become a PEACE Ambassador and help us create ripples of peace and prosperity through our community.


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