Permanent Supportive Housing Community

Empower U


Imagine you’re 18 years old.

You’ve spent much of your life being shuffled from house to house – never really finding home. Your possessions are carried in a black garbage bag and you have no adult to be your parent or trusted ally.

You have no place that is truly safe and constant.

Nothing that is truly yours.

Suddenly, the meager safety nets you’ve known are taken away. You are thrust out into the world, virtually alone. You haven’t learned how to apply for college or jobs… You may have dropped out of high school. You don’t know where to live, and you don’t have enough money to pay for an apartment.

You are alone.

What happens to you? The sad truth is you are likely to end up in jail, homeless, trafficked or pregnant.

The last thing you feel is empowered.

Foundation for Peaceful Communities seeks to change that.

From Foster to Freedom