Biography – Rev. Elaine M. Whitefeather

“We must Lift up the Least of Us, to Elevate the Rest of Us
If we are to Achieve our Collective Potential as One Human Tribe!”

Professional Background:

  • Professional motivational and inspirational speaker
  • Executive Director of ‘A Community For Peace’
  • Founder and CEO of ‘Foundation For Peaceful Communities
  • University of Colorado, Bachelor’s degree in Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Published author
  • Recognized authority in the field of domestic and family violence
  • Professional trainer in the area of Cultural Diversity, Family Violence, and Wellness
  • Professional trainer of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault ‘Trauma Informed’ Training *1037.1 Domestic Violence Counseling Curriculum*~ Domestic Violence Advocate Academy and Community Education Training
A visionary activist, who is passionate and fiercely dedicated to the empowerment of every victim of trauma and abuse, Rev. Elaine M. Whitefeather has spent her last 38 years in human service work, 36 of those years in the field of domestic violence. Motivated by personal experiences that included childhood abuse, racial violence, homophobia, sexual assault and cancer, she has turned these obstacles into opportunities of empowerment, healing and wholeness.

Elaine is a recognized authority in the field of domestic and family violence. She has created and resurrected over 40 domestic violence programs both nationally and internationally. Combining her formal education with her vast training by cultural and spiritual leaders from around the world, she builds innovative, culturally relevant and sensitive  social renewal programs and training for the most underserved and marginalized. These models have been implemented for programs serving military families, civilian communities, statewide DV coalitions and organizations throughout the U.S. & California, inclusive of her current service in Sacramento County

Reflected in her own diverse ancestral heritage, she is a Two-spirit Queer Elder of Japanese, African American, Native American and Caucasian descent, she uses all that she has been taught and encouraged by indigenous teachers from each of her cultural backgrounds. Taking the wisdom from these many paths, she creates a bridge of understanding that catalyzes progressive changes wherever she has lived and worked.

She is an ordained Inter-faith minister for Four Winds Ministries in Oak Park, Sacramento; part of the Greater Sacramento Interfaith Council; and honored to have opened the California State Legislative and Senate session in prayer. A professional speaker and published author, she delivers keynotes that challenge, catalyze and inspire audiences from Domestic Violence Coalitions and organizations to businesses, faith based audiences; from the homeless to college students, locally and nationally.

Currently, Elaine is the Executive Director for ‘A Community for Peace’, a domestic violence provider for Sacramento County where she has created effective, innovative and progressive programs for the response to domestic and family violence. Now transforming a mainstream advocacy program to redirect all resources to serving the most marginalized and vulnerable black, brown and LGBTQ communities, she is challenging systems and longstanding oppression within the movement and dominant culture systems mandated to serve them.

Elaine’s passion and fierce advocacy resulted in forming and serving as CEO for the ‘Foundation for Peaceful Communities’ whose mission is to develop revenue generating business & work training centers like, the highly successful social renewal project, Delancey Street Foundation, San Francisco. Recently opened, Transcendent Boutique and Artisan Gallery provides a safe space where our gender diverse community can shop and access ACFP resources/services that acknowledge the complexities of IPV within the LGBTQ, black and brown communities. Ruthie’s Place, another project, a thrift store for foster youth, will open in the fall of 2019. These work training centers support a pathway toward employment, entrepreneurship and self-reliance while also support the long-term sustainability of ACFP.

Persistent, bold and courageous, her vision of peace is made manifest by relentlessly teaching, sharing, educating and catalyzing others to live an inspired and sacred life and to work together for the best of our Human Tribe.

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