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SACRAMENTO, CA. May 10, 2017 – A COMMUNITY FOR PEACE and FOUNDATION FOR PEACEFUL COMMUNITIES are prepared to LAUNCH a SAFE HAVEN Project for Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (C.S.E.C.) in Citrus Heights, California.

A Community For Peace and Foundation For Peaceful Communities have partnered with Child Protective Services (C.P.S.), U.C. Davis Medical Center Trauma Center, Citrus Heights Police Department,  and Soroptimist International of Citrus Heights, to establish a ‘safe haven’ for ‘Commercially Sexually Exploited Children’ youth (OUR GIRLS) stolen to sex trafficking.  The Safe Haven for Girls will be a trauma-informed ‘safe place’ with certified Resource Parents, who will open their homes for ‘our girls’ stolen to sex trafficking.  The girl’s ages 12 to 17 will be provided with comprehensive trauma-informed services, including support services from A Community For Peace, U.C. Davis, Child Protective Services, behavioral health, AOD, probation as part of the community response and support team.

Elaine Whitefeather is the CEO of Foundation for Peaceful Communities and Executive Director of A Community for Peace (ACFP), a state and county certified domestic violence services and sexual assault provider in Sacramento County. ACFP and Foundation for Peaceful Communities are social justice leaders in the community, aggressively seeking partnerships with community leaders and community-based organizations to create systemic change for all.  Whitefeather has successfully secured partners such as Child Protective Services, Ron Lawrence Chief of Police of Citrus Heights Police Department, Sue Frost, Sacramento County Supervisor, and Soroptimist International of Citrus Heights.  Corporate leaders are now supporting the call for ‘The Safe Haven for Girls’.

Whitefeather shared that at least 90% of children that are placed into foster care come from homes with domestic violence. “This is another impact of children exposed to DV,” she said. “In need of love and attention, they are easy targets for predators that manipulate and groom them into a life of being sex trafficked. In order to effectively help ‘our girls’, we must have a coordinated community response addressing family violence with the trauma-informed comprehensive support services.”

In San Francisco Bay Area, over 75% of the 113 youth studies by West Coast Children’s Clinic, described experiencing child abuse and neglect prior to their commercial sexual exploitation. (NCYL CSEC Face Sheet)  “The issue of sex trafficking is complicated but working together we can create an environment where we can protect ‘our girls’ and they can thrive,” said Whitefeather.

“CPS is so pleased to partner with A Community for Peace on this very important effort. Young people in foster care are at increased risk for sexual exploitation and are in need of family based placements with access to trauma based services and supports. ACFP has been a long-standing partner in serving victims of domestic violence and we are grateful for their partnership on this new endeavor.” -Michelle Callejas, Deputy Director CPS Sacramento County

“The Citrus Heights Police Department is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with A Community For Peace in their cause to provide loving support for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assaults, and children of human trafficking. A Community For Peace has proven countless times that they are
a valuable resource to humanity.”  – Ronald A. Lawrence, Citrus Heights Chief of Police

A Community of Peace is pleased with the community partnerships from organizations such as Soroptimist Sierra Nevada Region, Soroptimist International of Citrus Heights and New York Life.  We invite other organizations to join supporting the Safe Haven for girls.

Lane Parks, Governor-Elect of Soroptimist Sierra Nevada Region shared “Soroptimist International of Citrus Heights and Sierra Nevada Region are pleased and honored to partner with A Community For Peace. We know that ACFP is one of the most trauma-informed and well-suited organizations to handle the sex trafficking of girls in Sacramento County.  With Elaine’s leadership and drive, we are confident that A Community For Peace will provide an extraordinary contribution, providing a safe haven and protection of ‘our girls’ that are being sexually exploited”.   

Shauri Palesch, Director of Development of New York Life said, “New York Life is honored to partner and volunteer with A Community For Peace supporting our community with the issue of domestic violence and sexually exploited children.  We are now aware of the impact of domestic violence and exploitation of girls in our communities and how they are both interrelated.  A Community For Peace has proven to be experts in domestic violence and have the background and ability to partner with Child Protective Services providing a safe haven and protection for our girls in the community from sex trafficking.”

Imagine yourself as one these vulnerable children… Now imagine …a place where you’re safe to live and work; to learn and grow self-esteem and confidence; where you matter and you are understood, where you can dream, where you learn work skills, life skills, business skills, college skills and community building skills.  A place to reach back and help the ones coming after you, where everyone counts and everyone matters…a place where peace and potential work together to change your world.  And then?  Then you can go out and change someone else’s world. That place is our SORO HOUSE Safe Haven for Girls. We hope to recruit Resource Families willing to open their homes to our kids and to become part of our community of compassionate care. Our boys need a place, too. And the need far exceeds the special homes that these kids will need. Do you have enough love for these kids too?

HOW? Become part of this exciting work – work for our children – work for the future. Give from your heart.   Consider giving a year-end gift as a tax donation; leave a Living Legacy to the Foundations For Peaceful Communities to support the P.E.A.C.E Project – Safe Haven for girls.  Your gift to Foundation For Peaceful Communities and A Community For Peace will change a life. Join our local campaign #TRAFFICKSTOP: End the exploitation of our children. Or call ACFP to find out how you can join us on our journey to end child sex trafficking in our communities.

Foundation for Peaceful Communities mission is to grow healthy communities by developing and supporting social renewal projects and enterprises that empower underserved and high-risk populations, so that they can thrive, contribute and participate in the peace and well-being of our greater society.  A Community For Peace’s mission is to end all forms of violence to women and girls, men and boys, and to promote peace in our homes, schools, and communities.  A Community For Peace is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Tax ID#68-0457704.


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