About the Foundation

Creating Peaceful Communities, One Heart at a Time

A peaceful planet begins with peaceful communities. But communities are made up of individuals. And it’s hard to find peace within when your life is filled with violence, instability or isolation.

Unfortunately, that’s the reality for many at-risk populations.

The most vulnerable and underserved among us are often left to search for answers alone… without the resources, knowledge or support they need to create a vibrant, healthy life.

And if they fail, we as a society lose the rich potential their gifts might offer us all.

Foundation for Peaceful Communities works through comprehensive, community-focused programs and projects to erase these barriers to success and fulfillment. Together with our partner agencies, we’re creating targeted projects designed to clear the path to a successful life and a happy heart.

To grow healthy communities by developing and supporting social renewal projects and enterprises that empower underserved and high risk populations, so that they can thrive, contribute and participate in the peace and wellbeing of our greater society.

A Track Record of Success

Foundation for Peaceful Communities was born from A Community for Peace, a trauma informed social justice center for victims and survivors of domestic violence, family violence and sexual assault.

Our executive staff and board members have a combined 75+ years’ business and executive experience serving at-risk populations, as well as partnering with government and private agencies to create programs that have become international standards for success.